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Innovating in energy

Flight Forum has the ambition to locally generate all building-related energy usage. Research has shown that there is great potential for local solar energy generation at Flight Forum. Together with, among others, the TU/e and various market parties, the possibilities, business cases, and forms of collaboration are being explored. There is a possibility to use all available roofs for energy generation and to utilize and exchange locally generated energy as much as possible. In early 2022, the first step was taken: Entrepreneurs at the Flight Forum business park and Eindhoven Airport joined forces to establish a local energy trading platform.

Energy Trading Platform: What is it?

The local energy trading platform is intended for all entrepreneurs at Flight Forum, Eindhoven Airport, the intermediate business park, and BIC. With the platform, connected parties can trade energy with each other, either by supplying their own energy or by purchasing it. Trading with the market is done without the involvement of an energy supplier. This provides financial benefits and encourages the installation of solar panels. Additionally, the platform provides insight into the energy consumption and supply of the participants, allowing the first steps to be taken in preventing network overload.

Current participants

Eindhoven Airport


Van Acht Koel & Vriesopslag


Flight Forum

Gemeente Eindhoven

Collaborating on 3 levels

More information

Are you curious about the opportunities for your company? Are you interested in joining the energy trading platform? Please leave your details in the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.