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Vision Eindhoven Airport District area

The area around Flight Forum is also under development. Flight Forum is one of the five drivers of the Eindhoven Airport District area vision. This vision has determined the challenges for the themes of vitality, sustainability, greening, accessibility, and circular economy. The new heart of the Eindhoven Airport District – formed by the area between the terminal of Eindhoven Airport and the office cluster of Flight Forum – will contribute to a new attractive and green entrance to Eindhoven.

Eindhoven Airport District location

The Eindhoven Airport District is located in the western flank of Brainport Eindhoven and consists of Eindhoven Airport, the adjacent Eindhoven Airport business park, the Flight Forum office and business cluster, and the Royal Netherlands Air Force Eindhoven airbase.

Vision Eindhoven Airport District

Below you can read about the various ambitions of the Eindhoven Airport District.

“It’s fun and also very Eindhoven-like about Eindhoven Airport District is that besides the big and medium-sized brands and companies, there is also plenty of room for smaller entrepreneurs. In the coming years, we will invest even more in strengthening each other. I am very proud of everything that is already there and believe tremendously in that combination of international and small-scale. It’s precisely those small businesses and local input that make the chain stronger.”

Hans-Bart Olijhoekm Chairman ofOKEA

More information

The vision is being realized in collaboration with businesses, owners, and other stakeholders in the area, so if you have an idea or project to contribute, don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information about the vision and projects related to Eindhoven Airport District, you can contact Carlo Welten by sending an email to